I am Shawn Zervas. I have 3 yrs experience working the Oregon farms I can grow, harvest, trim, and have a great deal of knowledge on cannabis and sense it’s recreational u have to have an olcc license to handle cannabis which is easy to obtain. However there is no license needed in Oklahoma to handle cannabis. Just an Oklahoma ID. So why are so many places wanting people to have a medical card? Your loosing possible great workers with cannabis knowledge just cause they don’t have a medical card.

Why is the medical card required to handle cannabis? When it’s not by the state. Some people don’t consume cannabis so no need for medical card but want to supply it to those that do have it and need it. I know many growers and cannabis workers that don’t have there medical card but work in the industry. There’s a lot of people out there without medical cards that have lots of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry. Unless u all be smoking ur product in the stores there’s no reason to require a medical card to work in a dispensary or in the fields.