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Seed bank for Indians by Indians
nice check ur pm
In this modern world, every medicine is a drug. But this drug (cannabis) is a Medicine.

pillow that is why whole world fighting..hemp can save the world

for cannabis knowledge follow @leafly.com

join great legalisation movement india.yes we are doing this https://www.facebook.com/GLM.India.2014

dont abuse it respect herb

india come out green https://www.facebook.com/greenflowermedia
Choose good quality strains which are suitable to indian climate. Also carry some good international strains, can be done ... would it be the pot revolution india needs.
"Whoever said the best things in life are free... obviously grew their own bud"
And how will you kill the most basic stereotype against marijuana in India ?
by being more open about it. It takes one to change the world i guess. Pass a joint, bake a cookie for your family, let the herb do the rest Big Grin
Please take this survey on Marijuana : https://goo.gl/SBQmIF  Stoned-smiley

My Blog: http://www.venzii.com/
No that's a brilliant idea. I am all open to join your team.
I grow for me us and all

pm me for clones / seeds near bihar

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British poisoned us divided & looted us
Their old laws are same, unworthy

we hav right 2 do wut we wnt in our privacy unless harming any1


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