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Sativa or Indica
Which do you prefer, Indica or Sativa? Why?
Indica all the way as I like the stoned highs compared to the mellow ones of sativa. That said, its very rare,almost impossible to come across a pure strain in India. What we get is a hybrid ofa few strains. I have seen that across India, indica is the most widely sold type. Probably because its easier and quicker to grow compared to others.

I wish we could get the kind of variety that the Medical Marijuana patients/stoners with the permit get in California. Ohh..the purple haze :woohoo:
Indica all the way because i really like the mellow high.sooooo relaxing
sativa in the day.. full of energy.. and Indica before sleeping.. for a sound sleep..
Do you get Sativa in Delhi?? I was told by reliable people that only Indica is widely available. Can you tell more about procuring Sativa?
Help out a noobie here :pinch: what is the difference between indica and sativa ?
i got some staiva hash form kasaul.. i hope u can't get sativa in delhi.. either its indica or its mixed..
These are two different varieties of Marijuana. Sativa gives you a mental high,meaning you are stoned but capable of almost normal physical movements. It gives you a highly creative high wherein you can focus completely on your thoughts. Indica gives you a body high. If you feel a tingling or locking of your jaws, drowsiness, lack of energy to move around then in all likelihood you are enjoying Indica.

We get Indica very widely in the asian subcontinent whereas the Sativas are not common a all.
What do you have against Sativa that you do not want it to be available in delhi or was that just a stoned typo abhishek Tongue
do we get sativas in india ?? :blink:

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