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Free seeds for 4 Members and 1 admin
I will give tHi friends to help to introduce myself and my work to the community and to let everyone get to know me through my work I with permission of admin would like to offer 4 Members long term members who are active and admin a free selection of my seeds .
hem away free even shipping in exchange for a proper grow report with pictures of possible .
I have a huge selection of outstanding new Strains many 100% female seeds , I guarantee will be worthy of cultivating .
Please let me know what you all think and voice your interest , as long as its ok with admin we can start next week .
I am planning to be in India in the next 3 -4 weeks so perhaps this will break the ice and help me make some new friends in your country .

Charles AKa Reeferman
Hi Friends if I made this offer on ICmag or weed world or anywhere else I would have received 200 messages this is Reeferman the Canadian breeder winner of many awards in Amsterdam and Canada for real .
I am planning to come back to India soon and I was hoping to meet some people send out some seeds and establish trust with a few good people in India .
You can look at my seeds on BCbuddepot.com or Attitude seeds under reeferman
I can not post pictures here for some reason

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would be glad to get in touch, connect and maybe go for a ride around India's herb havens.

shoot me a mail at delhires2014@gmail.com
"Whoever said the best things in life are free... obviously grew their own bud"
I share Great love and Appreciation of the Cannabis line, I don't want the seeds, BUT do let me know if you're coming to Bangalore or manali( that's where I am from ), but am living in Bangalore right now, and am very enthusiastic about the whole scene(Too bad there are no communities to join in this country).

So do let me know if you come to Bangalore, we could hang about and have a smoke and talk Confusedide:
@reeferman..if u read this please help me grow a plant of some really good relaxing strain...which might help clear my mind and also help me spiritually
BTW I was going through these websites selling seeds, and its all confusing, they didn't even mention the climate, and I am here in Delhi..and its so dry ATM...and I can't have lights so want to grow my plant naturally (sunlight)in a small shed of my terrace garden
Just in case u read the above post..then please reply here ..I am subscribed to this threads Smile
Come on guys ...let's work together and not let this community die
Hey dude i am interested in the offer. Would you be able to provide HIGH CBD with LOW THC strain (seed)? If yes i would be very very glad (even 1 fem seed)...
Let me know which seeds are been offered
Excited to know some one wants a dead community alive.
^^ I don't think he is offering anything anymore..for all u know, must have left India by now...
And yeah I am totally up for dedicating little time everyday to this community..
im ready to exchange my bagseeds with your bagseeds.
Pictures first. , an1 interested?
PM me
British poisoned us divided & looted us
Their old laws are same, unworthy

we hav right 2 do wut we wnt in our privacy unless harming any1


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