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THC extraction - CannaButter
Eating, is by far, the best method for consumption of cannabis. It is a healthy way to enjoy your cannabis and is also probably the most discreet way to consume in public. A eating trip will last about 4-6 Hours and is something very different from a smoking high. Many long time tokers who have tried Cannabutter for the first time have been surprised by its effects.

Making Cannabutter is very simple and easy!

You will Need :

1. About 20-50 Gms of Shake/Bud. Finely ground and decarboxylated.

2. About 250 Gms of Butter. Salted/Unsalted works fine.

3. A cup of water.

4. Kitchen Stuff : Vessels. Stove. Old Dothi/Muslin cloth. Containers to store your product.

5. Refrigerator

Step 1: Put a bulk of butter, About 250 gms into a vessel and simmer it over a stove (We will not use a higher setting anywhere in the process).

Step 2: Add water to the butter as it slowly melts into a liquid state. Now is also the time to add the crushed plant material to the butter and mix it up.

Step 3: As the concoction boils, stir it every now and then till the bubbling stops. From here on be careful not to burn it and wait for the froth on the vessel to clarify a bit. You should be able to see though the golden yellow butter.

Step 4: Transfer the contents of the vessel through a old, clean dothi cloth, into your storage container. Do this when the butter is still in a liquid state but not hot enough to scald you. Squeeze away the excess butter from the plant material using tongs or spoons.

Step 5: Allow this mixture to cool to room temperature, before moving them to a freezer.

Step 6: After 12-16 hours in the fridge, take out the container and poke a hole though the the butter. If you see excess water, get rid of it.

Voila! Homemade Cannabutter.

To try it out, take a t.spoon of it in a semi molten form (ghee) along with any food. It usually take about half hour for the food to digest and the THC to start taking effect. DO NOT CONSUME MORE. Wait for some time. You will feel the butter working it's magic. The trip should be about 4-6 Hours long and feels nothing like smoking your bud.

Increase your dosage next time and see how it feels, if it feels too intense, step down by half a spoon and eventually you will find your dose. Make sure you put it back inside the fridge after use to preserve it for a few months.

I use Cannabutter regularly at work and at home. I even use it outside in shopping malls, restaurants and cinema halls (Canna-Butter popcorn). To do so, simply drop a t.spoon or two of the ghee in a ziploc bag and seal up this ziploc in an other. To use simply take out the ziploc with the ghee, nick a bit off the edge with your teeth, squirt the ghee on your dish and throw away the baggie! If asked simply tell them you are taking a siddha/homeopathic medicine :whistle:


Nice practice .... Good for lungs

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