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Starting my first grow, bagseed, coco peat
Hey guys, I'm a new member to the forum although I've been reading for quite sometime...

So, my story goes the same way a lot of yours might, started smoking around school/college time, smoke daily these days :evil: etc. etc.
Although i have smoked some of the finest stuff that is out there i was not really satisfied with the consistency/quality of weed/hash/cream you get in or near cities. So, I've decided to grow my own! and hopefully after a few trial runs make it all worth continuing. I'll be posting the updates here as they go along.
The setup:

bagseed-sheelavati most probably
6-7ltr pots
coco peat+hydroton
hydroponic nutrients grow, micro, bloom
2 36W T5 tube lights for veg, 150w mh for flower.
outdoor open tent in the balcony, 3 seeds growing currently.

As the current status goes I've got in 3 seeds which have been growing for about 2 weeks and are around their 3rd set of true leaves.

I've read a lot about growing and done quite a bit of research before starting this project but theoretical knowledge is just one aspect.
What i would like to know from the experienced growers(I know you guys are out there B) ) is what sort of yields can I expect with 2 months of vegging and lst maybe?
Good to see home grow starting up in India.

Answering your question about the yield is quite tricky. We are not sure of the genetics, grow setup, nutes etc.

Being your first grow, I suggest you first focus about getting her to flower. A plant will for sure, yield you a few good fat nuggs. Keep your plants happy and well cared for. A nice private journal or blog of sorts will help document your journey and will serve as a future reference. Take care not to overfert, which can be a common problem in hydroponics for beginners. Also make sure you keep your system in check to avoid drying out your plants. My First hydroponic setup failed because of a unchecked pump.

I started with bagseeds in my garden for my first grow. It was strictly organic and I used dried neemcake as fertilizer, besides some occasional kitchen compost. It took a long time to vegetate, but once it hit flowering, i was very impressed. To keep away the pests i would mist the plant with a solution of neem oil and water every few days or so.

Hope you have a fun time growing!

I missed your point on LST altogether.

LST and topping will increase your yield, but are slightly more advanced techniques you can worry about in your next grow.

As a beginner, you have a lot of learning ahead of you, practically, that most texts and books cannot offer. It is advised you spend some 'Plant' time daily, looking at the plant in a more fine detail.
Thanks for the tips man! Plants look happy, have the ppm in check.
Tried a bit of LST too seems to be working well. Tongue Also got a clone from a friend which seems to be Idukki gold/Kerala gold, it'll be fun to see how that turn out once its done rooting. :evil:

And just as a personal opinion I feel my time(little that i get) is better devoted to the plants rather than a Blog/Journal. Smile

Im sure you have 5 minutes to spare. keeping a note of some parameters and other activities can be very usueful, if you plan to clone/grow this strain for later. You will be thankful later on.

as they say, a watched pot never boils. a few minutes of talking to her (hopefully they are) everyday should do it. Going to bed with it might be overrated.


Yea I get your point, I am keeping a track of certain parameters but just not a proper journal.

Apologies for the delay in reply had a very busy few weeks, but here's the update,

The 2 supposedly Sheelavathi plants are doing pretty well and thanks to lst look like growing 5-8 tops each. I did face some Ph problems leading to Cal-Mag lockout but solved it with Choona or Hydrated lime.

The Kerala Gold pure sativa has finally rooted and has been transplanted into the final pot, might just make a mother out of her if the genetics are good. :evil:

Also on a side note I have ordered a few Lemon Kush seeds from Cannabliss.net who charge just for shipping, although skeptical I hope the seeds arrive, do let me know if any of you guys have any exp. with this website.

I wish more people were active on this website. :dry: :unsure:
Cheers B)
even I've been researching extensively lately about growing the crop and plan to start it as soon as possible. I'll be grateful if anyone could suggest some genuine online stores selling quality seeds (and ships to India).
"When I\'m dead & in my grave, No more pot & whiskey will I crave, On my tombstone it shall be seen. Here lie the bones of a smoking machine"
Where in India are you based lungidance and livetosmoke ?
Nice to see some active growers on the forum.

Been growing first time ever in a organic indoor setup myself.

Anybody from delhi who has the know how and would like to collaborate on a hydro indoor setup .... give me a shout lets make it happen. B)

Boom Bholenath ..... long live the sacred herb
"Whoever said the best things in life are free... obviously grew their own bud"
There are quite a few reliable websites with worldwide shipping, look around the internet, if you can bear the costs, sure go for it!

I am currently based of of pune but visit delhi every once in few months...
Growing is the way to go IMO if you have the commitment, go for it!


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