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stop this!
I couldnt agree with you more! Marijuana should be banned!
People should not be allowed to be happy, and to enjoy themselves. Thats just wrong, when in this world there are sad people, like the OP(Original poster).
People laugh after a toke, and that is just disrespectful! Laughter may be good for health, but if we are healthy then people like the OP may grow jealous of us because they never got the chance to smoke up and be happy. This will start a cycle of jealousy and hatred and eventually lead to war. Marijuana is evil!
He he. Are you from ShivSena/BJP/Any other political party that believes :whistle: in 'protecting' *scoffs at them* the moral fabric of da nation? --------------I would really blow my head off w.a bazooka if this guy was from Shivsena / BJP considering they are from a Hindu religious baseline. I thought like uh....Shiva was a big time patronizer of weed?
I am a outsider when it comes to India that is given I will tell you I have devoted my life to the understanding the medical benefits of Cannabis (marijuana) I have witnessed first hand people who were not well served at all from western medicine spring to life when treated with the correct cannabis for there condition .
Please don't be jaded by USA drug war lies to justify economic domination through prohibition and protection of big drug companies Cannabis is medicine and for many its happiness in a very angry and confused world .
Love from Canada

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Weed haters come from all sections of society. Let us love them all equally. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Did u or mommy got u tested???
(01-25-2013, 03:45 PM)Krossman Wrote:  
Quote:Marijuana should be ban foerver it will destroy you and the kids future in india. i want to save india from you

When I was a wee lad on our farm outside Pune, I would sit under the single banyan tree in the mango orchard. I would read books, I would talk to friends (I had my first kiss there, and almost 10 years later had wild and noisy sex with my girlfriend under the tree), I would set up my telescope and spend entire nights stargazing, even falling asleep while taking notes and coordinates.

Well, under that tree, sometimes my grandmother would spot me ensconced and come over. She would pick me up and put me in her lap and tell me of her days. Many lessons have I taken from those classes where my grandmother was the teacher and I the sole pupil in a classroom of mango trees. But none was as important as the one she taught me the day she died. Her maxim, haunting and word for word, was: haters gonna hate.

You call yourself the truth, but you are an ignorant fool. I call you a fool because, quite simply, in this age of information and the internet, you choose to remain ignorant. You cannot claim a lack of education, because education is not what you are taught, but what you choose to learn. For your sake, I am attaching articles. I strongly urge you to read carefully through them, and come back and tell me why Ganja is a terrible thing.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug)#Safety - wiki

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_cannabis - medical uses of marijuana

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/21/teens-marijuana-brain-tissue-alcohol_n_2331779.html - "A teen who consumes alcohol is likely to have reduced brain tissue health, but a teen who uses marijuana is not".

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090309225425AAlFR79 - How much does weed affect brain cells?

If I have planted the seed, just google "marijuana effects" and blow your own mind.

Well said krossman. dont see him come back with his side of the argument.
I think people should not just shoot words from mouth against a topic they don't know about, first learn fellas. What is it? !
I would say , It is one of the single most profound experience in a healthy life we will ever have.
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