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Disclaimer : This is for educational purposes only. Try it at your own risk.

I've read a lot of people here are asking for hookup even though it's not allowed here. It's not a good idea

to buy weed online.  My idea to stop people always asking for a hook up is to teach them grow their own or

to point them to the right place to buy weed online. At the darknet, there are sites like ebay who has

vendors that sell weed. Dream Market is one of the popular marketplace sites where you can buy weed. It will be sent inside

a letter that in good stealth. Lets make it simple. Here are the few steps that i gathered how to buy from Dream Market.

In order to signup/register for Dream Market you will need  first to download the TOR browser, this is to keep

you  anonymous and safe (the site will NOT load in your regular browser, it will only appear in TOR so these

are the steps

*Download tor browser.


Dream Market is invitation only to keep us secure from LE and running fast/smoothly by limiting the number of

invitations, and thus users, until we can add more servers thus throttling total users to keep the

market/site running fast"

*Once you have opened your TOR browser copy and paste this link.


into your TOR browser to get registered on Dream Market and start browsing all the weed and other goodies Smile

These are the few things you need to know.

* The money/currency they are using there is bitcoin. Check your wallet in your profile and your bitcoin

address is there. (You may buy bitcoin here... https://localbitcoins.com/country/IN)

* Check the reputation of the weed vendors before buying. There are lot of scammers but you can check their

* The vendor will ask you to send your address encrypted. Here is the pgp tutorial.


“The site has an escrow system (a trusted middleman). The buyer transfers bitcoins into an escrow account

after which the seller ships the goods. When the buyer receives the parcel, he just has to log in and

release the money in the escrow."

“The best part is that it arrived from Royal Post, UK, to EMS, India, which means no one signed for a

parcel, which also means there is no incriminating evidence,”

I just copied and paste most of the informations above Smile
Just google the other informations you need and other things you want to understand.
Also check this link
Has anyone ordered some from the site?
(12-30-2015, 07:20 AM)inbudwetrust Wrote:  Has anyone ordered some from the site?

Brother let me tell you about deep net/ darknet.. when you open it u need to keep ur laptops camera coverd up bcause its uncensored web access.. its not monitored by government .. its the 99.97 % of internet you have never accessed. There is no guarantee you will get wat you want .. you may end up as a target of some psycho serial killer none the less..   

although its an interesting place to visit... supposedly you can buy weapons ,, hire hitman or assasins,,etc .. u get my drift.. every ting is possible,,     area 51, the conspiracy theories ,...the works...

I suggest you grow and smoke .. do not buy any ting from deep web.... recently Silkroad was banned for selling class A drugs.. they opened silkroad 2 ... and now its owner is behind bars... and the government is scrutinizing buyers.... although you are safe due to IP jumping...but if they can catch silk rout ...anything is possible...moreover y take risk of money on something u dont get a guarantee of. ...

REGARDS Stoned-smiley
Weed-2 Teach a man to reason...
               And he'll think for a lifetime.... Weed-2

Amnesia haze from darknet. I think it was around 10 dollars per gram. It depends on the strain.

For educational purposes only. I just practice my freedom.

I buy weed/hash off the Darknet all the time. Ignore the scaremongering above. It's pretty much just like Ebay (you can check feedback and most use escrow service) but way less user friendly/simple.

In fact I've bought hash sent (to the UK) from India before. Some European guy was living there had an account with the Silk Road. I bought 28g off him and it was sent pressed flat in small envelope marked postcards. Got to me in about 2 weeks no problem.

Any stoners reading this message and currently living in India and "wanting to start a business with me" get in touch:


That is if you have access to a "quality product in large enough quantity". I can send the orders and you drop ship as per my instruction. Payment to you will be sent via Bitcoin. If you're interested then please send a email. I should very much like to talk to you.
Maybe the bitcoin you spent at silkroad worth a lot now Smile
(04-25-2017, 10:43 PM)Brother Wrote:  Maybe the bitcoin you spent at silkroad worth a lot now Smile

Yes the first time I ever bought something it cost about £5 to buy 1BTC. Now it would cost you £1022.

If only I had the foresight and the cash to invest sigh...

Who knows what the price will be in the future (say in 10 years)? Maybe it'll track the gold price. So 1oz will equal 1BTC. Or perhaps it'll massively outstrip the performance of Gold. So 1BTC could equal £100,000.

On the other hand maybe the Banks/Gov will conspire to shut the BTC system down and by this time next year it no longer exists and a BTC is worthless.
Darknet is great! It's safer than scoring at the streets. You will able to choose the strains.

@keepbreathing - The price of bitcoin now is 1800 dollars. Someday the next comment will be the worth of a bitcoin is 100,000 dollars. rocker
Bitcoin is not needed fellas...There are lots of places where u get decent weed in Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad Pune Bangalore etc...

List is endless try to score local weed by asking 4-5 rickshaw Wala or taxi waalas...100 to 250 rs is asking price for a small pouch (fist size).

just like liquor u get from 200 to 5000 rs asper the quality...

Better weed are available for maybe 1k to 2.5k... Depending on quality size and taste...

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