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Easiest way to get weed in India - Hands down.
(06-01-2015, 08:04 AM)Bluedreamzz Wrote:  
(05-20-2015, 06:50 PM)balaji Wrote:  yeah bazook, easy for you to say! Folks like me who have no idea how to grow a thorn bush, cultivating weed is way too unattainable!
we still need kind he hiarted people who will share or sell (at a decent reasonable price) to survive! (I found someone here who quoted Rs.5,500 & Rs.7000!! - when I can afford only a rickshaw, a BMW is a dream!)

7000/kg is dirt cheap imo

Hello.sent you a pm.
it tastes horrible ..
is there anything in which we can mix this with ?

its horrible to even swallow ,, 
yesterday i cut a golla half and cut it into more piecea and licked all of them (just to be sure if i am not wasting cause it has green powder layer), then rolled in small balls,,, tried swallowing with watter without letting it touch my tongue much... still was horrible and eat
being new in town...i had to make do with 'bhang ki goli'....and it fuckin sucked.
cuz i have been smokin js all the time....goli just cldnt be anything near to a substitute.
goodness gracious eventually got a scoring point.hash and weed.mmuuaahhhh
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(05-19-2015, 01:15 PM)balaji Wrote:  After all this talk (and posts) we still have no idea which is the "Easiest way to get weed" anywhere!
Here in Chennai we are facing terrible times - and waiting for someone to point us in some positive direction!

Bro I scored via an auto guy years back. Near numgumbakam. Have you tried that route yet?
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Bhang ki goli ain't weed dude... It's bullshit mix of very low quality stuff check the MRP on it and you will realise

Weed is not so cheap and makes you feel like a king.

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Wow.. I cant believe I havent had bhang before! Silly me risking smoking a joint to get high where as I could just legally bbuy bhang lol good thread guys
Bhang goli is a different High bro with serious hangover.....weed is always better than the goli

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Easiest way is to ask 4 to 5 rickshaw or taxi guys for location to score.

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