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Support group from other countries
India specific labels, which will sort of has a wider appeal imho are:

Disciples of lord Shiva?
Sufi Saint apprentices?

or just:
Ayurvedha researchers.
People who have friends abroad can invite them..This will help us a lot and plus we caan share our love for weed..Smile
Members who have friends abroad can invite them and we can share our love for weed
if you guys want dutch weed here in delhi let me know i grow og kush
Hey dude lets catch up in delhi
hit me back with yr mail buddy
peeps in delhi, mail me your phone number at delhires2014@gmail.com

lets connect
"Whoever said the best things in life are free... obviously grew their own bud"
haha, fuck the public. But I do agree about the " Stoner " term, The connotation itself brings a lot of negative bias. We should derive something of a word that describes the aesthetically and true aspects of those who smoke the herb. Idk. Maybe a new topic on finding a word and hopefully being succesful about it.
Good idea though.

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