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Just Getting Started
Hey peeps,
Trying to grow it for the first time, I don't know shit about it..like when's it gonna fully grow or stuff, just giving out a trying it's been like 10-15 days now. Nobody in home knows bout it, I wish it stays that way lol...How many months it's gonna take to fully grown? And help me out with your tips to NOT TELL, NO SMELL,NO SELL ( I've lived up to No tell and No sell but worried bout when the smell gonna start ) Your tips and views are appreciated.[Image: 85bffdf989d8dd931f78b2379ff71654.jpg][Image: 0d557718e0c01e98d5f8fd15206434a0.jpg]

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So after almost 1 months and 15 days this is what I have in my roof top garden.
I've been watering them 2 twice, once in the morning and again at night...I've been growing weed ( unwanted plants in my garden too ) just so my mom doesn't notice and ask me what I've been growing lol
And yes very important thing I'm not able to identify it's SEX, I've taken some pics hope you guys help me in knowing what sex it is...and how much long is it gonna take to fully grow
[Image: 5ccf5faedffaf71cb81c10415fad27c6.jpg][Image: c99509bd07c59c0ae6b947d21c502591.jpg][Image: 9c5dcdde05f0b355f9c1a6b60425d91f.jpg][Image: 17fb4855647bcb565e026e0403b5d1ed.jpg][Image: 24d1fbefe02f722a1a2e046befc7f27b.jpg][Image: 4cdf973446c20100d9a55d085df19ddc.jpg][Image: 1b19e9d5e7c74bf3dc0c0dc8ec3c6743.jpg][Image: c9b147a11be82d18907ff4b32a59302a.jpg]

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