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Cannabis + cofee recreational enema .... My way to explore weed
Somke is the way it was offered
Liked the buzz and the numb
Cofee enemas are like neat bowel cleaners ....
Feel refreshed after an enema

Smoking coughing stinking
Dislike Tobacco smoke but love it's taste

So my unique way to enhance the cannabis effect of Euphoria and relaxation and yes you read it correct weed and cofee

Both are loaded with antioxidants considered herbal and natural substances since ages

Guys try it once I am sure you gonna love the trip....

Have one inserted now and it's like a nice deep buzz unlike like a toke which leaves you numb and stinky

Feelings - bit of headache, nice deep buzz, dry mouth indicate weed effect kicking in hope it lasts for good couple of hours...

5 spoons cofee powder
1 spoon ghee
One cup milk with some cream
2 pinch of cleaned and ground weed
Half litre drinking water

Mix all and boil for 10 mins strain and cool down

Put it in enema bag and take it

20 mins 40 mins

Try it and share your adventures...


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