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Need a growing guide please.
Hi guys,

New joinee here who stumbled upon this place looking to find good places to score herb and then I just drowned in the home grows that some of you have accomplished here and I must say. My hats off to you guys. Never could I imagine that I could say goodbye to street stuff and actually be able to grow and smoke clean, home grown herb, and you guys do make it look easy.

The problem is that I don't think it'd be as easy as you make it look. See, I'm your typical delhihite. Born and raised in a jungle of buildings so I've never grown anything, let alone something I am looking to consume.

I spent the last few nights reading and gazing upon the wonderful home gardening by a few of you and honestly speaking I still don't understand much of it. I realise I may have to spend a lot more time reading and that I'm willing to do.

and may be I didn't look hard enough, but I could not find a comprehensive growing guide that could transform someone like me into a decent home grower?

See I understood that I'm may be a short few months ago from the ideal sowing season? I got the part of ordering seeds from seedcity and I've selected malana bomb as my first order. That's the thing though. I haven't got the slightest clue what to do with it once I get it?

I know I will need to germinate them but what is germination? How do I do it? Then I need to sow them but how deep? In what kind of pots? Can I just ask my gardener to gimme the same soil we use for our regular plants or do I need to order something special?

Then I saw people talking about indoor and outdoor grows. Is one better than the other or can I choose one over the other depending on space constraints and still get the same results?

When do I sow? How long do I germinate? How long before I can harvest the bud? What are nutrients? What is curing?

I will be reading a lot more on here and other wonderful sources on the net, but I'm a guy who likes doing things the right way the first time, so would someone be willing and awesome enough to either create a guide or link me to one?

I'm in Delhi btw so there'd be nothing better if I can connect with some home growers set up and gain knowledge under their tutelage. Hit me up if that sounds good.

My email is delhinewb(at)Gmail(dot)com

Thanks and cheers!

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