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Hydroponic in delhi
Hi guys im fairly new here and i know you cant advertise or like actually buy canabis on this fourm but i have been stuggling to score in delhi and have only a month here before i go back in the middle east where you cant find a gram of weed. I have smoked typical indian strains like mango and stuff from hydrabad but im looking for stronger hybrid strains like the ones you get in cali if anyone knows anything about this please hmu. (Pls no deepweb stuff wanna score offline)
you are in delhi.

Ive lived there, during my class 11th and 12th.

To score cannabis anywhere in India. Ask auto rickshaw drivers, they will take you to perfect spot. (that is how i scored at faridabad, delhi)

That should help you.

Are you growing?
British poisoned us divided & looted us
Their old laws are same, unworthy

we hav right 2 do wut we wnt in our privacy unless harming any1


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