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Bihar groW

Bagseed Stash Of Strong Seeds(most probably landrace orissa)

jeevamrut . (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJr3dXjLtkE) [compost tea]
[Never fed infants, only adults, highly diltued jeevamrut. Twice a month.]  

sourced near from cow dung pile.

//Cloning solution.
Used diluted campesterol as cloning solution. Brand name Smart.
{you can use honey n cinnamon too}

*december 2016*
Experimented with seeds from bagseed stash. Produced 2 hermies.

*march end 2017*
replanted one seed in spring when I had confirmed for all female characteristics in that seed. (Perfect round hole at top/Volcano)

*April mid 2017* AKA  !!4-20-2017!!
Baby turned out female. Was not hermie, no male sacs and bananas spotted.
Fed it diluted homemade jeevamrut after i topped it. dreads  Weed-light-effects-smiley-emoticon  Smileys-passing-joint  420

*May first 2017*
Baby looking healthy, with 14 clonable branches. Fed diluted jeevamrut once again.

*May 9th 2017*
Prepared 14 clones from the mother plant.
Made cuts at 45 degree with scissor, immediately dipping the cut in solution.
Clones' length: ~5.5 inches

Put them in a holed cardboard box in plastic cups with holes at bottom and soil.
Covered with polythene to create humidy. Placed in bacony undisturbed.
{Pics of clones clicked 24 hours after cloning.} dreads

All set now. Only need to spray water once in a while now.  

Cheers  Weed-light-effects-smiley-emoticon ! Stoned-smiley

Will update more in future. To be continued...

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Nice grow brother! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Smile

Please delete the other duplicate thread i posted by mistake.
Nice .... keep us posted ..... looking good
"Whoever said the best things in life are free... obviously grew their own bud"
*May 11th 2017*

Unintentionally did not spray water on my babies for 15 hours, and they got super stressed by 4pm when i checked.

However, i taped most of the holes loosely and kept re spraying their leaves every now and then.

At 11 pm, after ~7hours of rehydrating them, they revived but with lost tips.

Its okay, they will live another day.

will keep them clones humid and hydrated with some ventilation. Out of heat.

And i sowd 4 more seeds... will update more as story continues... Smileys-passing-joint
{5pm and 11pm pics included}

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*may 12th 2017*

Check out my babies.
They are doing good, sprayed water on them with hole in cap of plastic bottle.
Every 1 or 2 hours during daytime. Resealing the cover to keep them humid inside.

They will be ready by 20th may, needing no more water sprays. Getting moisture from newly developed roots inside the soil..

P.S. I don't disturb them much, only spray them and seal the cover again.

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I'm watching while high.
*May 13th 2017*

Latest pics , check them out...

I took more clones than required for a reason they all might not survive

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*may 15 2017*



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I'll be watching! Big Grin

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