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The Great Indian Marijuana Directory (Need your help)
Before I begin I would like to mention that this is a cross post from Reddit. A user /u/pizzafapper pointed me in your direction. I went through the forum rules and this seems to fit in fine.

Ents like me are trying to build a location based, nation wide, scoring database for India and I need your help.
Throwaway created just for obvious reasons.
Typing this at a [4}

My friends and I are attempting to create the most comprehensive location-based scoring database in India.
The problem with the existing method of relaying locations is that it isn't accurate. I have gone out scoring multiple times with no success due to wrong locational data. So we decided to use help of a geo-tagging app to get high-tech up in this bitch!

Basically whenever we go to score we create a geo-tag of that location using the app Zippr, that tag is now shareable and becomes an easy way to let other partakers know where they can score from. Best part it is that these geo-tags are accessible, creatable, editable & deletable from desktop pc and mobile devices.

So here's where we need your help, we want you guys to also create such tags. All you need to do the next time you score is to create a geo-tag and type in the details about that score location in the tag (Add additional info if you want to) through the app and share that 8 digit tag as a comment here. You do not even need to be there physically if you know where exactly the score spot is you can pin it on the map directly via the desktop webapp.

The sharing of these locations is safe as these addresses get condensed into 8 characters and you can share them verbally too. To access a location all you have to do is enter that 8 character code into the app and you'll be given turn by turn navigation by google maps itself.

This directory will help partakers in unfamiliar states score with ease. Because every time I go visit a different state it becomes very difficult to find a dealer because of which I am forced to carry the dank with me while travelling (not good for security reasons) .Having a geo-tagged database accessible to all will make it easy for people like you and me to find dealers in places not familiar to us and new dealers in our very own cities.

Examples of tags:
http://zip.pr/IN/RUXL2595 Dhoolpet Hyderabad (Code RUXL2595)
http://zip.pr/IN/KKZW1471 Faridabad (Code KKZW1471)
This is totally doable guys and once it becomes a success here I'll be pushing forward this idea to /r/trees too.
I see lots of loop holes and may be misused....thumbs down

And FYI: Porn has been unbanned.

IMPORTANT Everything posted here by this user are fictitious and purely imaginary.

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