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  UK guy living in Jalandhar
Posted by: MedicalStudentUK - 05-19-2017, 12:15 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - No Replies

Hey everyone,

I'm from the UK spending half my time here in Jalandhar and half back in UK..
I joined this forum as I'm interested in the RSO..
Look forward to sharing information with everyone here..

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  I'm from hyperspace
Posted by: dmtrip - 05-13-2017, 03:34 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (1)

Hello Everyone! I just want to understand more about different highs in life. It feels like it is my passion Stoned-smiley

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Rainbow Bihar groW
Posted by: ShoeBro - 05-09-2017, 09:10 PM - Forum: GROW JOURNAL - Replies (9)


Bagseed Stash Of Strong Seeds(most probably landrace orissa)

jeevamrut . (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJr3dXjLtkE) [compost tea]
[Never fed infants, only adults, highly diltued jeevamrut. Twice a month.]  

sourced near from cow dung pile.

//Cloning solution.
Used diluted campesterol as cloning solution. Brand name Smart.
{you can use honey n cinnamon too}

*december 2016*
Experimented with seeds from bagseed stash. Produced 2 hermies.

*march end 2017*
replanted one seed in spring when I had confirmed for all female characteristics in that seed. (Perfect round hole at top/Volcano)

*April mid 2017* AKA  !!4-20-2017!!
Baby turned out female. Was not hermie, no male sacs and bananas spotted.
Fed it diluted homemade jeevamrut after i topped it. dreads  Weed-light-effects-smiley-emoticon  Smileys-passing-joint  420

*May first 2017*
Baby looking healthy, with 14 clonable branches. Fed diluted jeevamrut once again.

*May 9th 2017*
Prepared 14 clones from the mother plant.
Made cuts at 45 degree with scissor, immediately dipping the cut in solution.
Clones' length: ~5.5 inches

Put them in a holed cardboard box in plastic cups with holes at bottom and soil.
Covered with polythene to create humidy. Placed in bacony undisturbed.
{Pics of clones clicked 24 hours after cloning.} dreads

All set now. Only need to spray water once in a while now.  

Cheers  Weed-light-effects-smiley-emoticon ! Stoned-smiley

Will update more in future. To be continued...

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  Looking for Indian business partners (starting export business to the West)
Posted by: keepbreathing - 04-25-2017, 08:18 AM - Forum: Cannabis talk - Replies (1)

Hello to everybody reading this message.

I have customers in the West and I'm looking for Indian entrepreneurs to help supply that market.

If you have access to a "quality product in large enough quantity" then I'd like to hear from you. I can send the orders and you drop ship as per my instruction. Payment to you will be sent via Bitcoin.

Please send me an email and we can talk further:


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Posted by: aj200 - 04-24-2017, 05:29 PM - Forum: Psychedelics - Replies (15)

Plz share your experiences or your friends with psychedelics ( ayahuasca, lsd,dmt, shrooms, Iboga, mdma). how was it, would you try it again.

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  Looking to get a feel for the cannabis price in India
Posted by: keepbreathing - 04-21-2017, 07:22 AM - Forum: Cannabis talk - No Replies

Hi Everybody

I know this is a vague question but what sort of ball park figure could you expect to pay?

Obviously massively variable but what does really nice smoke cost in India?

Best Regards

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  A new member from the UK
Posted by: keepbreathing - 04-21-2017, 07:16 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (2)

Hi Everybody

I'm a fellow stoner wanting to chat with people living in India.

Would anybody like to say hello?

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Posted by: tandav - 03-28-2017, 06:55 PM - Forum: High Life - No Replies

The thread didnt exist and it ought to! Smile

Lets see what you fellow troopers are reading!

I am currently immersed in Noam Chomsky. Just finished Who Rules THe World, Necessary Illusions, Manufacturing Consent and How the World Works. Reading Government of The Future and 9-11. Genius who should be read by all.

Also reading Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions

And if you would really like to blow your mind do read Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari. Brilliant research on what the war on drugs has truly meant.


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  Delhi Landrace wassup highiscool in 2017
Posted by: TheAstralist - 03-21-2017, 11:50 PM - Forum: Medical Cannabis Showroom - No Replies

What's good stoners full power 24 hour , here to show you landrace harvest stylized as a music video using XXXTentacion's Look at me.

That's wassup in Delhi right now , ganja wise , if you know your shit and don't go to Subhash Nagar like sheep.
Grow thy own

L E G A L I Z E / D E - CR I M I N A L I Z E

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  humble be my request
Posted by: ancci03 - 03-11-2017, 07:52 AM - Forum: Medical Cannabis Showroom - No Replies

o' where in hyderabad art thou ganja,
just give me ur wrabts,ill see u there. any hyd'baddie bros or sis' help a depressed brother will thee.
ancci03@gmail.com or
9640144685 (YES that crestfuckin'fallen life of mine ,aah ..)
well i shall wait by the phone.

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