How regressive, repressive and prudish are we!

Day 1 9-28-2011 6-20-17 AMI am reproducing something I had written here in 2013, but nothing changes in this country that fast anyway!

We, here at the weed forum, are fretting about the fact that growing, selling, buying and smoking weed is illegal in our country. Actually there are so many more things that are banned that weed will be the last one to be taken seriously for change in laws.

Sex education
When I was less than 11 years old I was sent off (as a total innocent) to a male boarding school and after the first term (semester) I came back home with the fantastic knowledge of how children are made! I took my younger brother aside to teach him this worldly truth. “Children are born when you put a male penis into a female bottom!” Now this itself was shocking for me (for I knew the hole in the bottom was for shitting – but there were some senior boys in school who wanted to put their peckers into the bottoms of younger boys!)(Homosexuality was rampant in that all boys school – and I suppose in all unisex schools). My brother (who was less than 9 at that time) refuted my claim and told me a male penis has to go into a female vagina to produce a kid! I was flabbergasted!

All my subsequent knowledge came from heresy and cheap booklets. Why can’t kids be given proper sex education in this country?

Now why don’t we have sex education for children? What are the opponents of this idea scared of? What will really happen if we give sex education to our children? Will they get corrupted? Will they start having sex right at puberty? Will this increase our population uncontrollably? What?!

The reason, whatever it may be, is rubbish. Kids actually get corrupted went they are misinformed or have partial information. Complete open transparent flow of information will only make our society cleaner and better. And if they have sex at an early age, they will be better prepared to protect themselves if they have the correct knowledge. And population; well I think our population has reached unmanageable proportions basically because our people are so ignorant.

Once the subject of sex is openly discussed, debated and taught, the need for freely available (written, spoken and visual) sex material will be paramount. I am not suggesting anything here without regulation. We should have strong law-abiding group of experts (not civil servants) who function as regulators to check and ensure that no innocent is ever harmed. Otherwise it should be all open. The philosophy should be, ‘everything is allowed except some-things’ and not ‘nothing is allowed except some-things!’

People should have full right to their own bodies and anyone who wishes to uses their body to earn and make a living should be free to do so. Here again we could have regulation to ensure the people in the trade are adult, knowledgeable and free of decease. The illegality of prostitution has made life hell for many women and created a black-market of exploitation and anti social activity.

Country liquor
The dominance of IMFL (Indian made Foreign liquor) is a monstrosity in perverse logic. We have made it legal to destroy our own centuries old knowledge of making liquor and promote making foreign stuff. It is people like Vijay Mallya who have perpetuated and benefited from this perverse law. (Today, we know he has defrauded our public money / banks too).

India had a long and unique tradition of indigenous liquor making. Every area of the country had its own styles and flavours and methods. All we needed was more investment into it to created modern manufacturing technology and marketing. Instead we have banned it!

Now if we really like the foreign stuff, we should have open boarders and import policies. But no, it is illegal to brink the actual Foreign made Foreign stuff!! So Indian made Indian liquor is banned and so is Foreign made Foreign liquor. The whole nation is forced to consume IMFL! A very sick and harmful policy.

About weed; Less said the better! It is the most cursed plant that has been so unjustly clubbed with ‘drugs’!

So here we are. With so much that is repressive (Indian liquor), foolish (banning pornography & prostitution) and downright stupid (not having any sex education in primary schools – or any schools); where do have a chance to make pot legal!

But this site helps us stay optimistic. As far as this irrational beast called government & laws are concerned, strange things have happened. They just might start by doing the most difficult think in that list, first; legalizing pot!


  1. I would like to connect. Drop me a mail and i guess there are some ideas in my mind. Fortunately , India is a country too big too young! unfortunately i Am just an guy. we can spread it like fire if we have some ground work done that i have no idea or intention.

  2. I would like to connect. Drop me a mail and i guess there are some ideas in my mind. Fortunately , India is a country too big too young! unfortunately i Am just an IT guy. we can spread it like fire if we have some ground work done that i have no idea or intention.

  3. Hey, I’m Mohit. I recently came out green to my dad. I made him read facts on internet about weed. But, still, he doesn’t want me to smoke weed. He thinks I’m an addict. 😐 Please drop me an email at We should start a movement about it.

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