A Morning with Mr. Kejriwal

So one morning surprisingly me and Ajay both woke up early. It was around 6 A.M and I really love my balcony for the fresh air. Ajay comes and sits next to me holding the bong in his hand. He starts talking about Delhi Election, he says Arvind Kejriwal goes out for a morning walk when he was escorted by police for protection to which he strongly resists. As he goes on he lights up the bong.









So we decided to go out for a walk and get our body some fresh air after ingesting all the CO2s we possibly could. Walking we reached the nearby park and we started playing with the Frisbee. There goes an annoying Aunt! I dunno why do they even care taking a walk and doing some yoga and cleansing your mind and body shit, the only thing they know is spilling shit at bachelors like us. They do not get the world, and I do not get their daily Soaps. So we decided to roll up a joint and enjoy the last bit of fresh air before we go back to hibernation. While i was crushing some weed, some guy slams his hand on me. I turned around to my surprise it was Mr. Kejriwal. He caught me fucking green handed, I was startled for the moment when he asks me where do i get my weed from. Ajay replies stammering Jankipura! Mr. Kejriwal with a poker face, he says that Jankipura stuff is all shit and laced with opium and boot polish and god knows what and that he was concerned about the youth and all the people smoking this shit. He asked me why do i even smoke this shit. I told him that we got no better option than this and occasionally we do score some  good stuff but that is rare and expensive. So he decided to sit down and talk about how important it is to legalize weed in India. He said that weed has been consumed in India since ancient time and that it is a herb mentioned in the Atharva Veda, Rig Veda,  Ayurveda and many other ancient Hindu texts. But despite that it has earned a bad reputation and is illegal by the law and more the society itself. He says that if weed could be legalized we could actually take down on drug mafias and the politicians earning from it. COUGH!! COUGH!! By making it illegal we are just making people do it the wrong way and good people smoking bad shit and for all the wrong effects the good ganja is blamed. COUGH!! COUGH!! Legalizing it would also create thousands of jobs and taxes along with it. And then he asked me for the packet of weed, so i gave it to him. He smelled it and looked at me disgusted. What on Earth is this Shit!! He shouts! COUGH!! COUGH!! And he took out a wooden case and asked me to open up. My eyes all glittery when I look inside. Its a Christ Joint and he asked me to light it up while he lit up the other two edges. As I took the first hit, it was like smoking pines and fruits and feeling the hills i visited all over again. Ajay took a hit too and passed. He said that it was the Pineapple Express Weed that he got from Amsterdam after watching the Movie Pineapple Express. I was like what ?? You are soo cool dude! Mr. Kejriwal shakes hands with us and says that he is working on the weed issue and soon people can be seen using wifi and smoking good and legal weed across India without having security issues. And also that he would open up centers and do dharnas to let people know about the good ganja and asked us to join him in this endeavor as a fellow pot head. He also revealed us a small secret, that the frequent coughs he get is because of the frequent use of a bong in his smoking preference. He said “he is trying to shift to a vaporizers but bongs are simply amazinggg!”  After he left we finished up the joint and kept smiling thinking about the good and liberal future.



I look at Ajay and he burst out in laughter and i couldn’t resist either.

Now to decide, Who is to open the fucking door which is really faaar faaar away!

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