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Green laser pointer Unlike the red laser pointer, the green laser pointer has a wavelength of only 5 [...]

Hello ghosta.. You smoke weed .. I smoke weed... World weed peace.. New member with weed frequency M [...]

I wanted to try weed for the first time. Since I dont have any friends here in Bangalore to help me [...]

Hey peeps, Trying to grow it for the first time, I don't know shit about when's i [...]

Somke is the way it was offered Liked the buzz and the numb Cofee enemas are like neat bowel cleaner [...]

So we're all 420 friendly and I'm sure it goes beyond doubt that nothing more satisfying t [...]

Hey there people! I'm new to this forum and after having browsed reddit and a lot of internatio [...]

hey cannabis want to feel & enjoy nature at parvati valley ..regular day night smok [...]

hey friends this is your friend from parvati valley..smoking cream everyday..enjoy being high..smoke [...]

hey hi doper have new friend from parvati valley...smoking cream all day..what about yo [...]

Hey guys, I'm a new member from Chennai, huge advocate/fan of Medical marijuana, I truly believ [...]

I am considering to grow cannabies indoors, The main problem i had was the smell of it. I found a pr [...]

Hi guys, New joinee here who stumbled upon this place looking to find good places to score herb and [...]

Let's go higher! [...]

Hey thinking of ordering some blue dream and super silver haze...from seeds man...can anyone help is [...]

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