The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912 to provide consumer protection and industry self-r [...]

Last Thursday, a new bill was introduced that would effectively end the federal prohibition on medic [...]

Having plants that all predictably grow at the same rate and mature at the same time is a big advant [...]

A majority of elected officials wanted it. The Republican governor wanted it (at least in theory). C [...]


Hi guys im fairly new here and i know you cant advertise or like actually buy canabis on this fourm [...]

30grams White Widow:...........................$230 USD 30grams sour Diesel :....................... [...]

Hey everyone, I'm from the UK spending half my time here in Jalandhar and half back in UK.. I j [...]

Hello Everyone! I just want to understand more about different highs in life. It feels like it is my [...]

//Seeds: Bagseed Stash Of Strong Seeds(most probably landrace orissa) //Food: jeevamrut . (https://w [...]

Hello to everybody reading this message. I have customers in the West and I'm looking for India [...]

Plz share your experiences or your friends with psychedelics ( ayahuasca, lsd,dmt, shrooms, Iboga, m [...]

Hi Everybody I know this is a vague question but what sort of ball park figure could you expect to p [...]

Hi Everybody I'm a fellow stoner wanting to chat with people living in India. Would anybody lik [...]

The thread didnt exist and it ought to! Lets see what you fellow troopers are reading! I am currentl [...]

What's good stoners full power 24 hour , here to show you landrace harvest stylized as a music [...]

o' where in hyderabad art thou ganja, just give me ur wrabts,ill see u there. any hyd'badd [...]

Ingredients and equipment First of all, you will need about half a gram of weed for each cracker you [...]

Hello to all, My name is Chew, I'm in the UK. I have been growing for some years now and also h [...]

You can buy anything related to sm oking accessories from LittleGoa. Buy Bong, hookah, chillum, ciga [...]

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